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This year, for my birthday, I am raising funds to support UCLH (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) in doing the amazing job that they are doing at saving lives. My special connection with UCLH is due to a recent unforgettable experience that I'd like to share in a few sentences.

My friend, Varsha Chaudhary, suffered from a brain stroke one unfortunate evening in London, completely out of the blue with no warning signs except for a bad headache. I was lucky to be in London to take her to the hospital, but completely unaware about what was happening at the time. The diagnosis told us that Varsha went through a stroke the previous evening and the inside of her brain was bleeding. As you can guess, these situations often require immediate attention and the next few hours are key in making or breaking it for the patient. After weeks in the intensive care unit, two successful neurosurgeries, and many months of after-care, she is healthy and alive today.

There are many people who are to be thanked, but being the only person who was involved from day one, I can say that UCLH has had the biggest role in this. What a fabulous job they did: at not only prioritising their limited resources swiftly for someone who needs it the most, providing countless hours of care, best possible medications and consultations from some of the best neurosurgeons and neurologists in the world, but also post-trauma rehabilitation, group therapies and post-surgery care of any kind that she could have possibly needed, without caring about our ability to pay for these services, truly setting an example of what healthcare should look like. It is because of them that Varsha and her beautiful family are standing strong, undeterred and smiling and I, for one, got saved myself from losing sight of who I really am.

Any little amount that you can share means a lot to me and will make my birthday more special along with enabling UCLH to continue doing the good they are already doing!

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