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Hi All,

This year for my birthday, I've decided to do something special: I want to give, rather than receive. That is why for one part of my birthday this year I am asking for donations to Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) with UCLH. TTP is diagnosed at a rate of 3-4 in 1 million people per year & I want to help find a cure for this TTP so that someday, people will not have to live with the fear of one day discovering they have this.

A TTP diagnosis is scary and complex. Many patients have never heard of this acronym before, nor do they have any idea of its ramifications. Moreover, patients are told over and over that we just do not know "why it happens", "what the long term prognosis is", "how to ease treatment", "how to cure TTP". UCLH are the main charity supporting NHS Foundation Trust & their ongoing efforts contribute to improving the patient journey at UCLH, they are an amazing institute and hats off to their on-going efforts in progressing forward. However, there is still so much unknown & they require support in helping them making progress, in supporting patients & their families, in supporting staff, funds towards equipment and research.

I lost someone unexpectedly who meant the universe and more to me of recent years, my mother and therefore, I've chosen this charity because their mission means a lot to me. I hope that you will consider contributing whatever you can, as a way of celebrating with me, what will be the beginning of an on-going mission.

Please help make this wish a reality.

Thank you in advance!