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Many don't know of my illness but I am sharing to raise money for the incredible people at UCLH... Apologies to most back home... This might be a shock...


On Dec 3rd 2019, I got up to go to work feeling completely fine, only to get a block from my house and collapsed multiple times in the street. I dragged myself home, called an ambulance and was rushed to hospital.


After 8 hours in emergency I was diagnosed with massive Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots on both my lungs) leaving me with only 60% lung capacity. They rushed a procedure to break them up... However this then sent my body into a form of toxic shock and I was struggling for life in the Intensive Treatment Unit.


Four long days in ITU where I was barely able to move, 6 tubes into my body and oxygen 24/7 followed by 3 days on the ward. I spent a month at home before I could return to work.


Since then I have slowly built myself back to health and found a love of running (hospital beds will do that!). I had never run more than 5km so now challenging myself to 21km.


I can't thank enough the amazing nurses and doctors of the University College London Hospital that looked after me, over 40 people have helped put me back together with care, humour and respect. The people from emergency, surgeons, intensive care, the ward, blood, lung and general doctors.... I thank everyone of you... And of course my rock, Shane.


I consider myself lucky and living my life as I should, full of life and hope.