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On 11th May 2018 we celebrate 20 years since a small article in a UK Womans magazine asking if anyone had heard of TTP and from that article the TTPNetwork was born!

Since the early days we had a website but in recent years as technology has moved on we have needed to pay to have our website built and developed.  We have been so fortunate that the UCLH Charity for TTP Education & Research has funded all this work and now we would like to repay them!

If you have ever visited and found it helpful, useful, informative or supportive, help us celebrate 20yrs of of providing this service and please consider making a donation to enable us to repay UCLH Charity for all they've provided so far, and to enable us to continue our website in the future.  

Our target is £5'500 - this covers the cost of the recent website rebuild and 2 years support.  

If you have suggestions for content on our website, please do get in touch using the 'contact' section on the site. 

Thank you! 

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